Rant No.3

OK, pointless rant and moan about Uni work. It was gunnu happen sooner or later... I'm currently working on 6 projects at once this year. 6! No designer in the real world would pick up 6 briefs at once. OK, 2 aren't so much briefs, but still distractions I could seriously do without. As far as time management goes I like to think I'm on the ball, never really get to far behind and never really get over whelmed - weekly binge drinking is helping in this department - but things are getting to a point where certain projects are beginning to suffer. i.e. stupid briefs for grass chemical companies.

Why can't all projects be as fun as sewing and stitching for your favourite bands? OK, not many, but still way more my kind of thing. My hands are bleeding from the amount of sewing I've done this past week, stoked on the outcomes though. Below is just one of many scraps of denim that are currently getting a face lift in the name of music promotion.

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