Bruce Denimsteen

I've spent a total of 7 hours today cutting, stitching, sewing, gluing and drawing denim. I can now officially say I'm sick of the stuff and it will be some time before my skin makes contact again... which might be difficult since all the pants I own are jeans. Shorts in October..? maybe not.

The reason for all this denim love at the minute is for my latest BSM promotion project. The next record they plan to release will be wrapped in recycled Denim as a CD cover, pretty neat idea huh? So I'm currently working with 101million ideas to help promote, attract and hopefully get fans themselves to help sell the record - all with denim. Got a few ideas standing out at the minute which include denim made street team packages to 100% denim made flyers that fans and randomers alike can stash in jeans of unexpected passers by and on the racks of high street fashion outlets... Well, that's if people don't get caught. Maybe if they all had the denim looks and camouflage of Mr Springsteen!

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