Maps And Atlases

Finally back on the WWW. That Mr Branson chap needs to get on it and sort himself out. He might be able to get people flying round the world all well and good, but if he can't help me meet my daily allowance of Internet hes failed in my book.

Ha, that leads me quite nicely onto one of my projects actually, travelling and books - two themes I'm currently exploring within my bookmaking project this term. So far I've been working with maps, folding, sticking, cutting all pretty relaxed really. I think I'm slowly turning it into an obsession though. Ive been folding paper pretty much all week, mainly into `Cootie Catchers` you know, those things girls always played with at school getting you to pick random things and twiddling with paper...? I never knew how to make them until before last week - I'm now a Pro, endless amounts are now lying round my room - Here's a few a stuck together making crazy shapes. No real reason for it, just looks swank - This project wins.

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