Flags Of Our Tubelords

Busy times of lates.. too busy. Made worse by the fact I'm having to trek to the library pretty much everyday to check stuff online. Virgin, you are the worst kind of Internet. Anyways, been grafting away on all sorts of projects, my main one BSM promotion work. My latest idea is working with Tubelord's recently released single - 500 handmade vinyl covers produce from up and coming illustrators and artist. Some pretty swank stuff if I must say so myself. In conjunction with this release and promotion for their gig here in Leicester next week I made 50 handmade flags, each previewing one of the 500 pieces. Then scattered in and around Leicester for eager mitts to do what they chose with - attend the gig, or enjoy the artwork.

With this promotion now out there amongst Leicester each week I'm going to create separate promotional pieces for upcoming BSM events, releases etc. Watch this space!

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