An Oath.

I'm writing this post in an attempt to keep myself engaged and partly to keep myself from going insane - I've learnt from my 3 days of telesales that the people who do it as a career are full on heroes, I'm managing, but only just. Its takes some serious willpower to sit at a desk calling nearly 400 numbers a day - most of which result in getting hung up on. I swear the next telesales call I answer will be treated to the most polite and cheerful conversation I have ever given.
They deserve it... I won't buy anything though.

More to the point - I've decided to finally get off my arse and get my website sorted, money isn't as much of an excuse these days and I'm beginning to realise that if I don't get this bad boy online before uni comes around it'll never happen. Below is a screen - I'm laying my claims now, in 2 weeks it shall be live!
There. I said it.

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