Better late than never...

Just one of a range of Christmas cards I created this year for friends and family. I had to rob this back off my parents just to take a photo... With the year coming to an end and the time where people make promises they never keep I'm making a list of my own. At the very top of this list is my aim to hand craft like crazy - Any opportunity that arises where I can craft rather than buy - I'm on it. I've already started work on my wall calendar for this year and have a million and one ideas buzzing around in my head for stuff I can create.

Further research today for my arts and crafts project has help me come across this website :: :: an online marketplace for freelance designers to buy and sell their handmade products. My plan is by the end of this year to have a range of products up for sale - Greeting cards, calendars, diaries, sketchbooks, and everything in between! Over the next few months in preperation I'm going to beg and steal every piece of scrap paper and fabric I can get my hands on!

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