From today I've decided to set myself a challenge... Well, not so much a challenge but a new schedule - to keep my creative juices flowing and general graphic skills up to par at least once a week (let's say every Monday) I shall create some sort of poster. For now since I've spent the whole weekend filling my hard-drive with new music these posters could work as promotional pieces for whichever band I'm into. But who knows, at a later date I may dabble in the old film poster or book cover design.. Even though I read like two books every year I've always wanted to create some sort of book cover design.. Anyway, below is a cheeky poster knocked up this evening promoting Talkdemonic's album - Eyes At Half Mast.

In other news the `Bag For Lit` project I was working on a couple weeks ago has been a success! The library folk are now applying for grants to create a prototype of my design! Stoked. And as for `Knit and Natter` I emailed out a few mock up ideas - they seem keen, just waiting on some feedback and that should be wrapped up soon. I think it might be time to find a new project!

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