Maybe Too Simple

Absolute graft today... Maybe too much, easily spent a good 5 hours working on designs for Knit and Natter, shattered, but enjoying it. Below is what I think may be a final design template, in terms of style, font, colours etc. Although, the more I look at it, the more simple it seems, too simple in fact. Maybe it's just how I do my graphics... I've been beginning to see a trend lately where I seem to be opting for very simple design solutions - an image, normally hand drawn and vectored, some type and border, all laid down on a crystal clear background.. Maybe I should challenge myself more? I think the opportunity to work with wool as type could go MUCH further.. I've dabbled as can be seen, but I think I should be a bit more creative with it.

It's when I look at the mock up poster I've done that really shows this - the space, yeah, it is rammed with type (too much, but I have no choice in this matter) but the composition seems far too loose.. Maybe I should work in some more borders in and around the edge.. Hmmm. The business card seems to work much better though, somehow... I can tell I've got along way to go with this...

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