Who'd A Thunk'd It...

This time tomorrow I shall be back in the motherland, Chorley, well more percisley Astley Village. Which should, in a matter of months *fingers, toes and everything else crossed* have its very own skatepark! The past year or so me and my mates have been working our charm on council members, skatepark designers the lot, to try and finally get us something decent to skate in the Chorley/Euxton area. I for one never actually thought we'd get as far as we have but in a couple of weeks we should have plans from skatepark designers Gravity and Maverick. Exciting times!

In the mean I have been given to job to create some sort of logo and identity for the skateboarders, bmxers and fruitbooters (google it) of the area. Below is a cheeky logo I'm currently working with... Still work needed i think, but given ill be back home soon, which ultimately means boredom, I'm sure ill find some time.

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