Happy Christmukkah!

Don't think this really justifies a blog post, but I think if I lay my claims of this idea online for the world to see (i.e. the only two people who read this) ill have to make and effort and go through with it. It's not really the most awe-inspiring idea ever, pretty wank the more i think about it actually.. But lately I've found quite a pleasure in the good old hand made birthday/occasion card department, so much so, it has me thinking. Maybe i could start knocking out some cards in mass scale, or take it one step further and brap out some wrapping paper... Maybe? I dunnu. Anyway, heres a cheeky piece i created last year for a mate. With birthdays left, right and center coming up in the next month I've suddenly found a burst of inspiration and am cutting and sticking card to no ends!

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