3D Scary Monsters

Only 5 more days and my second year of Uni will be complete... Scary times. Not so scary because I'm actually nearly finished and won't be having the normal week of all nighters leading up to assessments, but just scary because this whole uni thing seems to be going far too fast. Whats made worse is the fact we've gotta choose our final projects for our 3rd year by Tuesday, I've been bouncing around ideas for a couple of weeks now, but all I've found is that i cant make up my mind..

I'm working with a few ideas, one is a re-creation/generation of street teams for record label big scary monsters. With music taking an obvious turn the past few years with the internet being its the main medium for bands to publicise themselves it has now made street teams redundant. Kids forking out flyers up and down the country outside music venues just doesn't work anymore. So, how can fans spread the word of their favourite musicians...? Facebook applications.. ha, no!

What seems to be an more important factor within my final year is to really get a sort of `graphical style` perfected. Me being me am always one to not pigeon hole myself within design. My college course, a vocational in art and design, had me creating sculptors in the workshop one day and then in the darkroom printing photographs the next. I've always found myself never pleased or satisfied working within one area of design... However lately, i feel this taking a sway. Thanks to a couple of projects this year I've really grown fond of 3D graphics, or what I guess could be called stereography. Creating what is essentially 2D designs in a 3D way is something I've tried to utilise in both my 02 brief and an Anti chewing gum campaign...

What I really hope to do is create a brief that will allow me to really explore this design idea, or alternatively, apply to an annual report. How to go about this, I'm unsure, but it looks like I've got some deciding to do.. Below is a piece that really presents this style much better than i ever could..

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