God Bless Password Reminder

The other day it took me a good 15 minutes to even log into my blog. I blame my ever growing paranoia of thinking my passwords are far too obvious and thinking that someone will log into pay pal or amazon account and spend all my hard earned (borrowed) dollar... And then, after the ball ache of logging in, i couldn't remember what i was gunnu blog about. The internet is a stressful thing.

Anyway, today it didn't take me 15 minutes, a mere 5 - i still couldn't remember. Not much has happened lately, wait that's a lie. Alot has happened lately, I just say that because I'm at home and it seems nothing ever happens at home. The other night was spent working on what still is a very rough idea.. currently presented in the form of a poster for what could be the most perfect tour ever – a tour that I completely made up... It's always easier to have a format for an idea be something that you wish for.

Still got along way to go with this but I thought since this place ain't seen any action in a while, she deserved something...

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