- Papergirl

Wonderful project from Berlin which has hit UK shores. I missed out on contributing to the Manchester visit but now it's hitting Glasgow. Artist's and alike are invited to create art which is then distributed throughout the city on bicycle! Pretty much the perfect combo if you ask me. This cheeky little vid sums it up to a tee... Find out more here, here and here.

Paper Girl from BAM viral on Vimeo.

So, what do I plan to submit? Well I'm messing around with a technique I guess you could type rubbing (?) Cutting letters from card forming a template and rubbing over with crayon.. I pretty much feel like a 5 year old again but it makes for a simple but effective way to knock out a load of posters all in one go! Here's a sneak peek at a first attempt... Very much a work in progress so watch this space!

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