- Mix

Sneak peek at work I'm working on at the min.. Mix CD with Just Got blog and DJ Ivan6. Knocked up enough ideas to shack a stick at with this - left me with a nice pile of designs to go back to in fact! Anyway, here's the pick of the bunch and what the final product may look like.. Pretty simple really, the cover is just a pattern design taken from the logo with wrap around belly-band containing the deets. These will be bagged with stickers and other promotional goods and given out at Just Got's launch night with Holdin' Court next month.


Doyora said...

it says prodcued rather than produced, din't know i that's intentional or not

but daaaaaamn that's a nice design- good work.

Doyora said...

I mean *don't* and *if*


Thom Isom said...

opps, so it does! good job it's only a mock up. cheers for pointing that out!