Rant No.5

It's been a while since I filled this blog with some mindless ranting. Here goes.

Already mentioned this one couple of weeks ago but need to get my head straight on things and with only 2 weeks of left of uni life my head is most definitely not straight. So yeah, learnt, loved lost and gained. The original idea for this was a simple list but I've now decided to turn the whole thing into a book, mainly for myself but also something that will hopefully work as a sort of self promotion.

The idea is to make a book that sums up the past 3 years of uni - in all aspect - work, my house, friends, trips and nights out, everything! Most of this will be complied of photographs but also illustrations and type work - I've spent the past few days doing what I do best; making lists of everything I can think to squeeze into this - mainly though I want the book to give me the chance to knock out everything crazy and insane design wise that no real employer would even touch with a barge pole – Don’t ask me what these crazy insane designs are yet, I’m still waiting for that one to come to me…

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