Lord Ludd

Maybe its the excessive amount of drinking the past week or the building excitement of finally visiting Barcelona in the next 24hours or maybe just pure laziness - Whatever it is work has been very minimal the past few days. Here's a few snippets of what I could be arsed doing yesterday. Beginning to work the LUDD brand into my interventions - I guess the choice of the word LUDD could do with some explanation.

Ned Ludd was the first Luddite (so legend goes at least) and I quote `smashed two stocking frames in a fit of rage` was a man who was all for the handcrafts. Born and raised in Anstey, just outside of Leicester, It only seemed fitting that my Crafted Interventions are in tribute to the handcrafting legend himself! (not that I'm any sort of a Luddite - far from it!)

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