Maths and Sewing!

The two things I'm most useless at in the world have now become the inspiration for my FNP (final negotiated project) for next term. My idea is to try and promote a range of art and crafts techniques - sewing, jewelry making, paper folding, scarp booking etc to 16-25 year olds. Killing the stereotype of the classic granny sport people believe it to be! Don't ask me how this will happen yet - but in my research for classic sewing techniques Curve stitching has jumped out at me. Not only am I a sucker for pattern design but have always been keen on a bit of stitching. Not entirely sure if the technique has much mileage as of yet - but It's definitely something I'm going to attempt to explore.

Watch this space for more art and crafts techniques that I'm beginning to fall in love with!

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