Rant No.2

With my final freshers week about to start and a week rammed full of binge drinking ahead of me my head is probably as clear as it might be for sometime. So, I'm taking advantage today and getting my ideas down and a essay summary knocked up.

I've decided to tackle the impossible task of reinventing the `street team` (a phrase that very soon needs to be ditched) for record label Big Scary Monsters. However, rather than approach this as literally marketing the labels bands through their fans with flyers and stickers etc. The idea will be a more fun, interactive and hands on way for music listeners to share their music rather than the classic, "here, check out this band" or "you like the smiths? you should check these out...". I'm approaching the concept as a `sharing experience` music lovers sharing with other music lovers, already the whole thing sounds way more fun...

The tricky part is how I'm going to do this visually, I have a few ideas using type with slogans eventually leading audiences to a certain website etc.. But ideally I want to avoid the Internet completely, it would be a waste to bang a brightly coloured and loud 3D art installment in the middle of an SU to then just lead fans to a myspace page - it'd be easy, but a waste. The idea is more about the experience of sharing rather than the outcome. The quirkier the better!

Below is a perfect example from the legend that is Julien Vallee. The piece was in response to the question of what the significance of the interplay between digital and handmade design processes might be... Just look at that as a bands myspace page and already it's shouting out the message!

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