I Heart CS4

I finally got around to man'in up tonight and finished Knit and Natter - Whoop! Rather than post it all up below is the business card which I reckon best shows the theme of the idea. Theres also a letterhead, poster and tag design. And my favourite part, the newsletter! Mainly as it was so easy to put together - thanks to Indesign CS4 - finally adobe figured out that program (not that there was anything wrong with it previously) but the new version is just so easy to use! I actually enjoyed doing a page layout for once...

Anyway - all the designs have now been emailed out, and I guess you could say that its all finished! Well, that's if they don't ask me to do a website - *fingers crossed they do* actually have some awesome ideas for one... Thinking about it, I may do one anyway - no harm I guess!

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