Knit And Natter!

I can now officially add the words `Volunteer Worker` onto my C.V, stoked. Even more stoked on my latest brief I picked up this morning. For a local charity group called `Knit And Natter`; basically its a group of old ladies whom meet each week, knit rad looking jumpers and scarfs whilst drinking tea and coffee, ha, they even invited me to come down next week. Tempting, actually sounds like a good relaxing way to spend an afternoon - can't knit for shit though...

Anyway, they're looking for a whole new re-brand, logo, business cards, labels for their products, newsletters, posters, the lot! Maybe even a website further down the line.. All for free of course, but I'm not even bothered, should look sick on the C.V. Plus, who knows, may be able to blag a free jumper or two out of it!

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