That Bastard Tiger....

...If it wasn't for that Tony and my compulsion to craft stuff outta hand the past month of my life would've been so much more eventful. Instead I've pretty much spent it sat around sticking paper to paper and crafting endless amounts of books with enough paper to rebuild like 5 trees. Although, its been totally worth it, I'm now truly obsessed with bookmaking, right now I'm looking for bookmaking courses for the summer. Something for the 40+ is what I'm aiming for.. cos you know they'll be the coolest classes to go too.

Anyway, below are my intended final pieces for my end of year project, actually can't believe I've finished my final project for the year already... time goes waaay too fast. I say `intended`, as i have my formative assessment tomorrow and since I've barely had any crit from tutors I'm a little weary whether its gunnu do the job, but still, stoked on the outcomes.

The inside of the book is a kinda `deconstruction` of the essay, as in the essay I deconstruct cereal book designs, and in turn my essay deconstructs itself. Simple idea, but the project is all about representing the ideas of the essay through the type... If you get me!

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