Nothing beats homemade party hats!

Busy times at the min.. getting myself into a habit of fa sleep, hard work sesh's and a bit of what can only be described as the laziest eating habits ever, i pretty much ate raw pasta yesterday just because i was too impatient to wait for the water to boil... mixed with seafood sauce.. mmmmm. Although, I'm actually enjoying it, nothing beats a good graft, a cheeky house episode (watching season two for the forth time now) for a break, more graft. film. bed.. Actually quite depressing, but these cheeky photos of my housemate cheer me up..

For my main project this term, ycn, i have chosen o2's `we're better, connected` campaign - dress people in party gear - put them in boring places i.e. lifts, Happy times! Given myself far too much work for the next week now though, like 5 photo shoots to do, still with no decent locations decided on either.. Lame.

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