I'm Throwing My Arms Around Chorley...

...well, Paris really, but Morrissey should of totally used that instead...

Been back at uni for two weeks exactly today! Getting back into the swing of things now, which means back to stupid sleep patterns with bits of work in-between. I’ve kept my promise though! Been knocking up some bits of work on the side, I say on the side, I’ve probs spent more time doing side projects than actual uni work.. ah well.

Below are a couple of typo pieces knocked up within literally 10s of minutes this evening, nay bad, lyrics taken from Refused and Glassjaw songs... Also been working on a few type faces and illustrations to go along with them which ill probs finish soon, they’re coming along pretty well..

As for the Morrissey-ness, finally caught his new tune and video this evening.. soooo good. Kinda of forgot I’m seeing the man in like 4months, canny wait. As for albums coming out this year, the Moz's is defo up there..

p.s. excuse the crazy colours in the last picture post

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